Let’s Take Your Chiropractic Business To The Next Level

Our proven three step methodology takes your Chiropractic Business to the next level.

Set-Up & Clean Up

During our onboarding process, we will start building a solid foundation by gathering the information we will need from you, setting up your Quickbooks Online account, and cleaning up or catching up your current bookkeeping.


Foundation & Procedures

With your onboarding complete and your books up to date, we need to continue to build a solid foundation of processes and procedures to streamline your bookkeeping, exchange information, and provide you with detailed information and comprehensive reports to make solid decisions.


Management & Growth

Your business is ready to go to the next level! Now that you have your foundations and reporting in place, we can focus on what it takes to help you grow your business from the back-end while you focus on growing your business from the front-end.

Additional Services

If needed, we can add these additional services to meet your needs:

Clean Up / Catch Up

Have you fallen behind in your bookkeeping?  No worries! We can help get your books cleaned up and up to date!

Payroll + 1099 Tracking

Do you have employees or want to expand your practice and hire employees?  We partner with Gusto to provide payroll services including tracking and filing payroll liabilities for you!  We can also track payments to you vendors and issue the appropriate 1099s at the end of the year.


Do you need help getting your client invoices out in timely fashion or do you fall behind recording customer payments to be sure you have the most accurate and up to date customer balances?  We can help you with your invoicing and set you up with Intuit Payments so clients can pay their invoices right their from their inbox!

Pay your Bills

Are you so busy that you have time keeping up on paying your business bills and offer how much you really owe to vendors.  We can stay on top of your business bills and help improve your cash flow by improving your accounts payable process.

Why it works

Our three step methodology works because it takes a holistic approach to your business. Since we focus on helping Chiropractors, we know the ins and outs of what is needed to strengthen your business. We have seen the bumps that come up along the way and are ready to get your business over them and to the next level.

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